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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Bush's inaction is criminal -- and perhaps deliberate

What the hell went on in New Orleans? Compare it to the Bush administration's quick [albeit inappropriate] response to Terry Schiavo. Compare it to the response to Hurricane Charley in Florida. (See Thom Hartmann's article at "You Can't Govern if You Don't Believe in Government" for a comparison.) Remember what you have seen on the television, outside of Fox (Faux) News. On top of that throw in Jefferson Parish president Aaron Broussard's comments on Meet the Press -- and I mean ALL of his comments. Why did FEMA refuse Wal-Mart's 3 truck-loads of bottled water? Why did they refuse to allow the Coast Guard to release the 1000 gallons of diesel fuel? Why did FEMA cut emergency communication lines? (The sheriff restored them and had armed personnel guarding them.) WTF? Pile on that, why has FEMA refused the assistance of (oh, excuse me, NOT refused, but just not yet accepted) all sorts of countries? On his Monday radio show Thom Hartmann's questioned, "Is it all about race? Is it all about politics. Or is it all about cronyism?" Thom said, perhaps it was the cronyism most of all. Everything for the in-bunch: Bush wealthy friends and family and favorite corporations -- I respond, "All of the above."

It is race: poor people of color. It is politics: a Democratic city with a Democratic mayor and a Democratic senator. It is cronyism: whites saved, Halliburton given contracts, brother's state rescued early. For that matter, it comes out now that disaster planning was privatized and the contract given to the company of a big Republican donor, IEM, Inc., who obviously blew it (google for more info but you can start with this.) Oh, please -- one thing after another: incompetence, inaction, nonresponse, the list goes on and on. Bush should resign. But no, Rove is back and spinning. He is blaming the Democrats and ignoring the fact that FEMA defaulted on its primary obligation to respond -- and perhaps deliberately, as Brossard's comments would indicate. And this blaming of the victims: they should have gotten out (without money, gas, car, transportation?). We cannot allow Bush and his administration to con the American public. Spread the news. Speak up. Demand accountability.


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