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Thursday, August 18, 2005

One Mother's Stand - Support Cindy Sheehan

I've been up since four AM for two good causes: peace and fair and safer elections.

First I checked out's wonderful page on Cindy Sheehan and her great presence at Crawford Texas, near Bush's ranch. This comes after last night's America Stands with Cindy candlelight vigil where I stood with Colleen Primrose, Thomas Gallagher, and Theresa from Sunnyside Woodside Peace and hundreds of others. I used two bright pink folders to mount the sign: America Stands with Cindy and on the reverse of one I had:

shed for
NO "noble cause"

Colleen (in her Code Pink garb) and I stood with our candles in front of NBC, across from Rockefeller Plaza, each of us holding the pink signs and sometimes breaking the silent vigil with song. It was meaningful -- we could feel the energy as we stood with hundreds and we united in spirit with all of the other 1500+ vigils. Wow!

So I followed up last night's Cindy/Camp Casey support vigil with watching all sorts of the Truthout videos -- I will comment on them later, but do especially check out the press conferences and the rally. Cindy is remarkable in her humble moving loving message: No more lies, no more bloodshed. There was no 'noble cause' -- bring our troops home now.

THEN about 5:30 AM or so I turned to Mark Crispin Miller and his "None Dare Call it Stolen" article in this August's Harper's Magazine. I wrote about it AND Teresa Hommel's work for fair and safe elections, specifically to WQIDC members and friends to contact our councilmembers to get them to endorse Paper Ballots with Precinct Counted Optical Scanners. I combine these two issues and hopefully will "release" a listserv message to our WQIDC yahoo group later today, after several WQIDC exec board members review my draft. This piece will be available online then at -- check it out soon.

But NOW I have to go to work and I wish I had had more sleep. Still BOTH Peace and Elections are SOOOOO important. (God, please give me some energy!!)

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne


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