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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Rain -- please!

Dubya Bush down at his Texas pig farm -- no, wait a minute, he's converted it into a pseudo ranch -- is being beseiged by Cindy Sheehan and is not likely paying any attention to global warming. If there is a dollar to be made, Dubya says, "What me worry?" Meanwhile, there were but a few drops of rain last night in Sunnyside, Queens, which means I should go out and water my poor little impatiens before they shrink into non-existence. So, Dubya, along with the answer to "What is the noble cause that Casey Sheehan and others have died for in Iraq?", I want a better Energy Bill then you gave us. I want one that addresses our need for alternate energy sources and better fuel economy -- not one that gives big profitting energy companies even more of our tax $$$ while the shrinking middle class sweats to eke out a living. More immediately, I want RAIN.

Rain can hold off, however, until after our Union Square peace vigil (every Saturday from noon to two pm -- by the Lincoln statue, north side of NYC's Union Square Park). We are asking for more people to sign the Investigate the Torture petition. While I was in Vermont dallying around and enjoying all that wonderful greenery -- indeed refreshing my soul -- Sam and Betty Lou were gathering more signatures. We'll be collecting them for another month but anyone can sign and/or download the petition to gather more signatures by using that link. Let's rain on BUSH'S reign of terror and torture. (The Pentagon is defying the Federal judge's order to release the rest of the Abu Graib pictures -- since when did the military take over?) We've got to get to the bottom of this. Rain, yes; global warming, no; torture, absolutely not.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne


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