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Monday, August 01, 2005

A novel weekend

Novel, indeed: A visit with Michael Dylan and Jamie (Saturday -- at Bliss), a celebration of two Joans' birthdays (Sunday -- at Donato's), and I finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! I also had several hours down at Union Square for the weekly Saturday peace vigil there (See Kate Anne for Peace, Justice and Nonviolence for more on the vigil -- details and a heartening story.) Of course, I didn't get nearly enough done -- but when do I? I want to do so much. Seeing my son and meeting his friend Jamie, who lives just a short hike from my home was great -- but reminds me that I want/need to see my daughter Katerina. (Kater -- we have to play "Kats together!") Joan P and I invited Joan D to dine out with Joan P's son Ron -- last minute Diane was able to join us. Donato's is not Bliss but it was good to be with friends.

One thing this morning I did spur of the moment -- besides update my iPod -- was place some of my stamps in acid free sleeves. My Uncle John is a real collector, but I don't want my Celebrate the Century stamps to rot away in their non-archival cardboard wrapping. And Audrey, Cary and Marilyn are looking happier as is Thurgood and various wildlike critters. (There is some rhyme and reason to my collection, but not a lot.)

So Harry has already gone to visit Joan P -- and I have to wait until J.K. Rowling finishes Book #7. There's lots of other stuff to read -- too much really. And I'd rather just sit on my back porch and take the day off and have fun. I'm not in the mood to go to work, but I must depart soon. (And, no, I didn't figure out the last book right: argh! But it was such fun, who cares?)


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