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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

And now a message from the REAL President

John Kerry gave a humdinger of a speech to the students of Brown University (and YES he IS the real president, read What Went Wrong in Ohio for info compiled by Rep. John Conyers and his team). Right now I have the text link above but it is supposed to be online soon, said AAR's Rachel Maddow on her show today, at Center for American Progress, which has already posted another good one, by our real Vice President John Edwards. The Imposter in the meantime is making conservative political hay on the backs of poor and impoverished (and some middle class) New Orleanians. Bush has suspended the Davis Bacon Law which guarantees that workers are paid prevailing wages on Federal contracts. So the people who need to recover are given less money. Note that there is no mention on lowering the wages of the CEOs of Halliburton; Kellog Brown and Root, and all those other Bush campaign contributors awarded the no-bid New Orleans recovery contracts. Meanwhile the Fraud says he won't raise taxes (or forgo his plan to reward more cronies by abolishing the estate tax), but instead reduce spending elsewhere (read social programs, like Social Security, Medicare, etc. -- certainly not his ungodly war!). Forget HIM. (Impeach him: remember the Downing Street Minutes!!) Thank you, I'll claim the REAL President. Rock on, John Kerry.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne


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