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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Media Matters -- and so does a Keyboard

I have been listening to too much left wing radio -- almost becoming the opposite of my beloved brother Gregory who has brainwashed by Rush and Bill. But it is for a good cause -- to pass on the information and ACT. Still, there are times I have to turn my iPod to music. Thank God for music (and I am enjoying the Canadian Music podcast -- not just my left wing stuff) and a WORKING keyboard. Somehow in the middle of the night while I was doing stuff condensation from my water glass damaged my Mac keyboard -- the return/enter key wouldn't work, nor the delete key. So Saturday I was off to Tekserve (119 W 23rd Street, NYC) where Anthony not only fixed me up with a new keyboard but reminded me that a keyboard "skin" might be helpful: ProTouch XT by iSkin. Works great so far -- and it is washable!! (Just be sure it is good and dry before replacing :-)

Saturday then saw me picking up my ticket at the United for Peace and Justice office (not far from Tekserve -- I walked: 322 Eighth Ave, entrance on W. 26th St). I am not off the hook. I am going to be a bus captain to the Peace March in DC on Sept. 24th -- and, thanks to Ted Auerbach, Union Square site coordinator. (He was so grateful!) I then took some new leaflets and joined Sam and Betty Lou at our little peace vigil (no Alice this week). Handed out quite a few of them -- and I have some to give out around Sunnyside but with my new keyboard and a sudden reaction to the humidity I was not about to hand them out yesterday afternoon. I came home, turned on my air conditioner, checked my keyboard (my old one's delete key had recovered but the return is still broken -- maybe it will dry out and be okay?? I'll check it again in a few days but the good news is that my NEW keyboard has an extension cord so I can now put my keyboard on my lap -- love that.), watched The Scarlet Flower and decided to take a nap -- until 7:30 pm!! I managed to recover enough to then watch most of Bill Murray's Lost in Translation before succumbing again to the pillow. Posted to Kate Anne for Peace, Justice and Nonviolence Weblog and made some updates on it. And I visited Take Back the Media. Plus I watched the bonus material for Lost in Translation. Good stuff! Good coffee: Newman's Own, Fair Trade. Must return to the above mentioned Media Matters site for more useful info on combatting the Bush Crime Family. (Oh, it does make it hard to call my brother -- love him, hate his politics.)

So should I make an appearance at church? Oh, oh -- time off to talk to ex-Krollie Millie Monelt, down in Florida. Now it is a little late, but I still might make a church appearance if I can get myself together fast. Was there Thursday evening for the funeral mass of dear Elaine West -- well attended and a fine tribute to a special person.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne


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