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Friday, April 28, 2006

Celebrations to Revive the Spirit

The last few days had me celebrating the birthdays of friends -- Peace friend, Jane Thompson and my West Queens Independent Democratic Club friend, Fran Bauer.

Jane's party was at the Saigon Grill on 90th and Amsterdam in Manhattan -- yummy friends and food! I've posted some of her party pictures at my FlickR page (click the title link) and hope to post some of Fran's pictures there later. But I had such a good time with Jane's friends -- and I had never met most of them. Just a really good group, but what would one expect from such a love as Jane?

Fran's celebration was great fun, too, in my neighborhood at Bliss, Dorothy Morehead's restaurant in Sunnyside. The food was bliss-full of course and my Democratic friends and I had a great time getting together with Fran and each other.

So now I put the parties behind me, take that wonderful energy, and concentrate on the March for Peace, Justice and Democracy. The Big Questions remains: Why is Air America Radio ignoring the march? Yes, there is an important Darfur march in DC and other place on Sunday, and the May first immigration rallies on Monday -- but what is going on? It is not getting mentioned on the shows I listen to. STRANGE. Well, thank God for WBAI.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

CodePink and Jon Tasini Parade for Peace

Jonathan Tasini and Kate Anne

CodePink paraded this Easter down Fifth Avenue to speak out for peace and alert people to the April 29th upcoming peace march -- see for more info on the march and to volunteer and click on the title link for info on CodePink. New York's US Senate peace candidate Jon Tasini marched, too, shown here with me wearing much pink (thanks to Babu at Fabrics Kingdom, 554 8th Avenue, New York City, who discussed peace and gave me a great rate). To donate to Jon's campaign, go to Tasini for New York.

Sunday was beautiful, made more so by combining peace with fun. Together, we can and must change the world.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

CodePink NYC, 2006 Easter Parade

CodePink Drums For Peace

Colleen and friends
Originally uploaded by Kate Anne.
The Easter Parade welcomed our message of peace, as Colleen Primrose and CodePink friends joined Walter and Lina Cartei and the drummers to march on 5th Avenue this Sunday. Lots of clapping greeted us and many photos were taken. Now, hopefully, the photographers will continue to note and remember our message and help to resurrect peace.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

Friday, April 14, 2006 -- a real hoot!

Instead of finishing taxes and doing more of my spring house cleaning, I read Audient's latest Tuesday Talkback ("Late rhymes with Kate.") and then jumped to James' blog where I found a link to Hey, some laughter is good for the soul, even on Good Friday. But cleanliness is next to godliness, so I had better get back to work to bring peace to my home. In truth, though, I'd like to see what my cats are up to so that I can click pix to send to my title linked site. Check it out and -- SMILE!

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

PS Thom Hartmann just reported that the Republicans are buying ads on Spanish radio blaming Harry Reid for the immigration law problems in the Senate! What chutzpah!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Peace flowering

With more than a touch of spring fever and lots on my plate, I took the advice of my friend Gail Harper and stopped to see and smell the flowers at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden this past Sunday. The flowers fed my soul and seeing Gail and friend Amy Haus was great for the spirit. Afterwards we went next door to the Brooklyn Museum to feast our eyes on the fascinating work of Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson and dogs' delight "Funney/Strange" William Wegman. Peace within, peace without....

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne