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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Camaderie/fellowship during the strike

The strike bound us together and got neighbors meeting and helping one another. Betsy Crawford was kind enough to drive me in all three days -- and drive me home, too. We met our delightful anc charming Bliss Street neighbor, Peter Prisacarou, who joined us throughout the rest of the strike -- and some other nice folks, too, including Frenchman Alain and Iranian Alam (sp?), both Woodside residents whom Betsy gifted with rides the first day of the strike to reach our four person (+) per vehicle requirement. Betsy Crawford was/is my heroine -- and I suspect Peter's too :-)

And now the strike is over and we can hope that the union and the MTA work out a reasonable/fair contract that doesn't divide the current union members with those yet to be hired and join. Thom Hartman had some great stuff on his last several shows, PLUS he was hosting Majority Report on Air America Radio (which is archived at this past week) and is well worth the listening. Wish James and my neighbor Lois would give him a listen.

Meanwhile, we've begun Christmassing. Much more to say -- later -- because right now there is life to be experienced away from the web. And if you are in the mood for a good Christmas sermon, read my friend Fr. John Dear's article "Peace on Earth" Means "No More War" at

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Walk Proudly: Support the Survival of the Middle Class

It's on, the NYC transit strike, Well, actually it was on yesterday when 50,000 Queens bus riders were inconvenienced -- but that doesn't count in the Manhattan-centric New York City (a separate topic which is food for another posting). The union refused billionaire Bloomberg's and the MTA's offer which would have screwed the new hires -- negotiating away benefits affecting pension and paid medical. Some may consider that little, but the middle class keeps giving back and doesn't make it up. It has to stop somewhere and the union is courageous in standing up for those yet to be hired and indeed for all of us in the middle and working class. So I will dress warmly and walk proudly across the Queensborough Bridge 3.3 miles into work. (My company's bus, near a parking lot in Astoria for the convenience of car drivers, is 3.6 miles aways from where I live AND I would have to be there by 7:30 AM. Fahgedaboutit!)

As I left the subway last night after working entirely too late, I wished the MTA workers, "Good luck!" As I write this I am listening to NBC's coverage, which is a little more fair and balanced than that of CBS to which I was listening as the strike was called early this morning. CBS broadcast the billionaire mayor's cleverly crafted comments and followed it with a very anti-union rant from some blonde bimbo news commentator, Marcia Kramer. I was furious and immediately called CBS to protest the unbalanced coverage, It is about the survival of the middle class, I told them. And it is. Yes, it is inconvenient but what benefits the transit employees will benefit all of us who have to work for a living.

Today, I plan to call 311 and Peter Kalikow's office in support of the union and the survival of the middle class. I urge you to join me in standing up in support of the union and the middle class: walk proudly and speak up loudly. (And I am amazed that NBC is making some inane comment about people being afraid they may not be able to get three more people to join them in their car for the necessary 4 person minimum to gain entrance into sacred Manhattan and their jobs. Come on -- stop and pick up some of us walkers!!) The day promises to be interesting.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Happy Holidays! Or whatever :-)

My guardian angels Emily (below) and Fred join me in wishing you all the best this holiday season of peace (please, God) -- and always:

Fun Performing. then a little sick and TOO busy

I pride myself in "communikating" and it bothers me when my days are so hectic that I cannot -- or perhaps I should say do not take the time to at least drop a note here -- or suggest a website or article -- *sigh*. I was in too high of a gear and came down, grinding to a halt. Oklahomastan! performed at Bliss (46th and Skillman in Sunnyside) last Sunday was such fun -- but no one took any pictures, so did it really happen? Could I photoshop some? (Heh, heh!) Seeing Pennsylvania congressional candidate Lois Murphy was wonderful and Marc Crawford Leavitt's production was terrific, particularly the performances of KerriLyn Jennings (truly a rising star), Rick Cherwin and Paul Johnson and, of course Marc -- Katie McLaughlin shows promise and Justin Holmes has a lot of talent. It was great working with Miriam Ford -- and I should perform more often. I choked a little, but all things considered was pretty good. And Congressmember Joe Crowley stood in and sang as Ralph Nader. Truly fun. And we raised a pretty penny for Lois' campaign. (Yes, you can still donate :-)

But just as I had staved off a cold by hibernating on Saturday, on Monday I came crashing down and yet had to go to work as my associate was on vacation and I am just too loyal. I would like to think "they" appreciate it. Maybe they do. Let's hope so.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Who Am I?? Well, who are YOU?

Click on the above link to find out which Fantasy/SciFi character you most resemble. Answer 14 short questions. Guess who I am. I've put "my" picture on the sidebar with another link to the quiz site. The amusing thing is the stats (which they warn may be stuffed by some eager folks) currently show Princess Leia LAST. What, no crazy idealists in the early 21st century? Or at least no one stuffing "ballot boxes" for crazy idealists. (Carry Fisher, where are you?) Okay, a bit of fun -- but there is work to be done. As long as I was adding Princess Leia, I have also added some good links, including Mary Shaw's Act for Justice, the OpEdNews, and the Friday Night Special (or Wednesday ;-): Laughing Liberally Lab. While I didn't add it to my sidebar, thanks to an Earthlink's eLink newsletter I have also found a rather good web version of one of my favorite word games, Boggle, entitled WEBoggle. Okay, it may be a rightist plot to divert us from acting for peace and justice, but, hey we have to find time for some amusement. I consider such stuff my cigarette break.

Now, when do you suppose Audient will post his Tueday Talkback? I am sure he gets hits from people just looking for it. (I even went to the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Monday to read the online version, to guess what Audient might say....)

Monday, December 05, 2005

Free the CPT - sign the petition

While I am not sure of the effectiveness of petitions, this one has some powerful signatories [including Arundhati Roy, Tariq Ali, Noam Chomsky, Cindy Sheehan, Denis Halliday, Richard Deats, Carol Bragg] AND is also presented in Arabic. One thing for sure is that we know they are holding people who are people of peace and not those who are for Bush's unholy war. The Christian Peacemakers Teams are truly children of God/Allah/Yahweh/Jehovah -- the Divine Spirit by whatever name. Please consider signing this one. Thanks!

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne
a/k/a #14201

The Laughing Liberally Lab

Marc Crawford Leavitt and I followed up our Friday night Oklahomastan! rehearsal with this charming bit of comedic theater -- worth a look and repeat visits. Located conveniently at the 45th Street Theater, 354 West 45th Street (betw 8 & 9th Ave), in the heart of Manhattan, and only $10 (with free beer Friday, albeit Budweiser and Budweiser light -- does Bud qualify as beer?) Laughter is good for the soul and Laughing Liberally is a way of buoying up our spirits in this crazy Bush/not-so-GOP dominated America.

Katie Halper was particularly good -- and one of the people behind the show -- which Barry Crimmins is mentoring, fyi. Hey, we all have to encourage young comedians, especially young LIBERAL comedians. The show plays Wednesdays at 8 PM and Fridays @ 11 pm.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

Friday, December 02, 2005

Sign the People's Ratification of the Kyoto Treaty

Concerned about melting ice caps, rising sea levels, and all those big hurricanes? Please make your voice heard for the environment and urge your friends to do likewise: Go to and sign the People's Ratification of the Kyoto Treaty
Kyoto is an important international agreement that marks a step forward in addressing the global warming crisis. It is shameful that the United States remains the only major industrial power that has not yet signed. Indeed, the Bush administration has actively obstructed movement towards fulfilling Kyoto. While U.S. government representatives will be present at the Montreal conference, there is growing concern that they may, in fact, work to obstruct positive action.
A number of events are being organized leading up to December 3. For more info and resources, go to -- and please sign the petition!! Thanks!!!

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

PS More time? Check out this good website and bookmark it for future actions on a variety of peace and justice topics: -- more thanks!!