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Friday, April 28, 2006

Celebrations to Revive the Spirit

The last few days had me celebrating the birthdays of friends -- Peace friend, Jane Thompson and my West Queens Independent Democratic Club friend, Fran Bauer.

Jane's party was at the Saigon Grill on 90th and Amsterdam in Manhattan -- yummy friends and food! I've posted some of her party pictures at my FlickR page (click the title link) and hope to post some of Fran's pictures there later. But I had such a good time with Jane's friends -- and I had never met most of them. Just a really good group, but what would one expect from such a love as Jane?

Fran's celebration was great fun, too, in my neighborhood at Bliss, Dorothy Morehead's restaurant in Sunnyside. The food was bliss-full of course and my Democratic friends and I had a great time getting together with Fran and each other.

So now I put the parties behind me, take that wonderful energy, and concentrate on the March for Peace, Justice and Democracy. The Big Questions remains: Why is Air America Radio ignoring the march? Yes, there is an important Darfur march in DC and other place on Sunday, and the May first immigration rallies on Monday -- but what is going on? It is not getting mentioned on the shows I listen to. STRANGE. Well, thank God for WBAI.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne


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