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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DFNYC Spring Celebration with Howard Dean

Democracy for New York City had a fun spring celebration at SideBar, East 15th and Irving Place, with special guests Governor Howard Dean and Democracy for America Chair Jim Dean. I actually had a brief and pleasant chat with Gov. Dean and was pleased to see that he is both charming and genuine. I took some photos and a short video which will be posted on line but such spirit encourages one to continue to stand up and speak out and I am flying high.

My friend Joan DeCamp had a few minutes with Jim Dean and we compared stories as we took the #7 train home to Queens. It is great when our political work pays such dividends.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Voices of Peace in NYC and DC

Signs by Kate Anne and Joan WileKate Anne and Joan Wile

Veterans for Peace local 34 New York City chapter, Grandmothers Against the War, Catholic Workers, War Resisters, and others rallied Saturday at Time Square to end the war in Afghanistan and the occupation of Iraq. This was an adjunct event in support of the national Veterans for Peace action at the White House on the same day and also was in support of whistle blower Bradley Manning. There were speeches, entertainment and camaraderie. In a very visible area of town, the rally had the approval of most of the passing crowd. For more of the flavor see my End the War in Afghanistan 03-19-11 photo set on

Meanwhile, earlier in the day the main Washington DC event had a successful day which William Hughes a/k/a LiamH2 documented on YouTube. I've shared two of his videos with my Facebook friends, with my friends, and at the White House Facebook page and I want to share them with my blog and twitter friends. These Voices for Peace speak for me: Enough of this endless war. Bring the troops home, stop giving huge tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations while asking the working folks to share all the pain and none of the money. We need to fund education, hospitals, healthcare, jobs, infrastructure, parks, transportation and other things that heal and don't destroy. Activist Author David Swanson is the first Voice for Peace:

Suggested reading, a book I bought several months ago which I am pushing to the top of my to-read list: David Swanson's WAR IS A LIE. If it is as good as David's interviews -- and I think it is, it provides tools to refute the nay sayers. Yes, it is possible to end war but it certainly is not easy. Bottom line, we have to keep on keeping on. And don't forget to leave your comments for peace at the White House contact page. Thanks for all YOU do for true peace and real justice.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

PS Sam Oast and I went out afterwards and remembered our dear departed Betty Lou Hornick. She is missed and not forgotten -- with us in spirit, no doubt.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Open Letter to President Obama

We need a true leader right now, President Obama. What happened last night in WISCONSIN is part of the corporate Republican attack on unions and working people nationwide. Rachel Maddow, Michael Moore, and independent media folk like Amy Goodman and Laura Flanders are talking about it -- NOT the corporate mainstream media. PLEASE listen and DO something to fend off this corporate Republican power grab. We need FDR reincarnated NOW.

Most sincerely,
Kate Anne ...

The above was my message posted at the link -- Join me in leaving President Obama a message. These are challenging times -- are you up for it? You better be. These are the times we are in. Thanks for doing whatever you can for peace and justice.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

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