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Friday, November 12, 2010

Singing the praises of

So many good things here. Yes there is a lot of challenge but you/we give reason for optimism.

The news has been so damn depressing! ~ Michele


they are protesting and fighting because they do not want to be like the United States model which they feel encroaching and want to preserve theirs which they love and feel is obviously better for the people – duh – so – when you see all these riots in the streets, think about it, they are protesting the idea that they might become like us!

might explain a little why we here are not protesting al all ~ Mire

We should be protesting because we don't have it as good as them! Out in the streets, gang -- and/or make those calls to the WH, congress, reps, and letters to the editor. Post the articles Toni and others find on FB, elsewhere!!! It all adds up. (And how DARE they have 1/4 of their panel staff from folks who want a certain outcome!!! This MUST be SHOUTED as the panel results were pretty much a forgone conclusion.

JohnFugelsang John Fugelsang
by joanwalsh
1 way to honor Vets’ Day is going to B&N, finding the display of Bush’s memoir, and patriotically throwing a shoe at it. - toniD

Other places folks are restocking the books in true crime or fantasy/science-fiction -- some good photos on the wall at

As for Veterans Day, I think it should be reserved for only those who served in battle or were directly supporting those putting their lives on the line. Vets like me, who basically served in peace time, are not in the same league.

What should be highlighted are the so call patriotic Americans who say they support the troops and then elect candidates who promise to dismantle the VA. ~ mb

And toniD mentions the car magnets as some people's proof of patriotism instead of real help. I have a friend who served stateside during Vietnam and he says similarly to what Chris says: It isn't the same. But not all vets are equal because of how violent they were/are. My uncle John is a man of peace but the Mai Lai massacre vets should not be equated with him. I believe in nonviolence but when people are thrown into wars the honorable ones should be honored -- and even the Mai Lai ones seriously need help, so I'm contradicting myself in a way, but no, because I would help them but not honor them. Some military do a dis-service. There is a difference, a big difference.

[The graph] Just shows that people may be giving up. We can’t allow that to happen or we will have real problems. The college kids in the UK protested, Many other European countries protested. We DO need to protest or nothing will change and could get much worse. ~ toniD

They want us to give up. And you can be darn sure that protests will go under-reported unless there is violence that will undermine the message. That is why we need internet neutrality and a google that works fairly so we (especially our great blogmother toniD) can find the truth and post it in a place where it can more easily be found/read.

Dean and DFA tonight at 7:30 pm EST about future of Dem Party ~ toniD

Missed it -- but hope an archive will be posted somewhere. Still, I am happy that discussion happens and information flows. And, as I look toward Thanksgiving, I am oh so grateful for those who make life in these dark times a little more bearable, and that it YOU guys of

Bless you for the good you do. ToniD has to dig through so much, some of it depressing, to present her nuggets. Chris/mb hosts us and brings us music as well as insight. Cent and 60th Street share so much and help with the blog. Michele offers her professional insight. Mire is as colorful as her icon. Crank Bait provides a cranky wit. Dan, Ramses/Sandy, CatChew, Vernon, JMach, GBasin/Steve ... you all contribute/share/sustain. Thank you. Bless you. Carry on. Make a positive difference. Together we can and must change the world, positively, in some way. We have. We do. We will. Thank you all. One big group hug! ....

Peace hugs!
Kate Anne

P.S. And I didn't even mention our Ya Think? Monday night show/podcast....Gratitude! BOTTOM LINE: Click that little blue radio in the right hand margin of and enjoy the music and a live show now and then.

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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Post election thoughts

While the GOP takes over the House, the Dems still maintain the Senate and the Presidency. Instead of concentrating on healing wounds and creating jobs here, President Obama is off the India, Korea, "the East", and I am upset. Is this how he repays the unions who worked for Democratic candidates? Let's give away more jobs to India and the like!!?!!

I wish President Obama would concentrate more on OUR country first. I want what other countries have: affordable education and healthcare. I want peace and prosperity for Americans. Forget the warfare (albeit it is the one industry we seem to still have) and selling armaments to countries so they can threaten others. He should be listening to Dennis Kucinich.

And let the Bush ten-year tax cuts expire. If everyone can get a cut on the first $250K, fine, but otherwise, I/we can and should live without a cut which only adds to the deficit. Our vision should be jobs and peace and affordable education. Here. Now. For everyone. Not just a good life for the top 1% or 2% but for ALL of us. (And that means our seniors, too: preserve Social Security by raising the cap -- forget about raising the retirement age or gambling SS$ on Wall Street. It is insurance, not an investment program.)

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

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