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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Post One Nation Working Together

Thanks to the Transit Workers Union local Woodside bus, I was in Washington DC Saturday to stand up for peace and justice, jobs and education: the change we voted for, part of the One Nation Working Together Rally 10-2-10. Mine are simple photos -- we were back pretty far. Loved being there none-the-less but photos were "from a distance" but prove I was there. I went looking through others Flickr photos, playing their slide shows, picking favorites. You can peruse at your leisure and pretend you were with Molly Charboneau, her friend Patty and me.

Patty, Molly, and Kate Anne #2

My Set

Tony Bowles' set

William Angus's set

CodePinkHQ's set

Cheryl Biren's set

SEIU-ULTCW's DC set and

Patrick Crowley's set

Mar Is Sea Y's set

NYSUT's set

RAPurple's set

UPDATE: Some on Democratic Underground

Looks like the corporate media is ignoring it -- not enough tea was served. Pity. Richard Trumka and Harry Belafonte were terrific speakers. Wish I could have heard more of the speeches but hopefully will catch more at the archives, thanks to Laura Flanders and Thom Hartmann and their efforts at documenting the rally.

Post rally and a grueling DC metro mess, I am relaxing/recovering -- but have to do a couple of loads at my local laundromat, if the weather holds out.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

Lincoln Memorial #1

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