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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Open Letter to Zynga

Internet Game company Zynga is dropping the classic Word Twist game from Facebook and my friends and I are very unhappy. As you know I don't take certain things quietly. Must speak up. I sent them this letter via the Word Twist application but now I am posting it here.

Dear Zynga

I am sorry to hear that you are killing Word Twist -- it has been simple in its interface, educational (you provided the definitions!!!), competitive (my certain circle love playing each other), mind-sharpening and FUN! It has been a quick and better version of the comic strip jumble game and we hate to see it go. Thanks for a lot of fun -- and I wish you would reconsider your decision. I don't see myself playing the other games -- they aren't Word Twist. (And my one circle member didn't enjoy your Scrabble variant [Words with Friend] which doesn't move me to trying it, even tho Alec Baldwin likes it. He's not in my Circle.)

Again, thanks. Sorry you are killing such a good game, but it has been a joy and I am grateful for that. Guess I will have less time for fun and more time for saving the world with my peace and justice activities.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

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At 9/13/2011 11:46:00 AM, Anonymous Donna Luciano said...

Dear Zynga...PLEASE let Word Twist remain an active game. My friends and I enjoy competing with each other and totally relax playing Word Twist.

This is so unfair on your part, Zynga..


At 10/05/2011 08:07:00 AM, Blogger Kate Anne said...

I keep hoping the will bring it back.....Miss our games!!


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