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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Fun Performing. then a little sick and TOO busy

I pride myself in "communikating" and it bothers me when my days are so hectic that I cannot -- or perhaps I should say do not take the time to at least drop a note here -- or suggest a website or article -- *sigh*. I was in too high of a gear and came down, grinding to a halt. Oklahomastan! performed at Bliss (46th and Skillman in Sunnyside) last Sunday was such fun -- but no one took any pictures, so did it really happen? Could I photoshop some? (Heh, heh!) Seeing Pennsylvania congressional candidate Lois Murphy was wonderful and Marc Crawford Leavitt's production was terrific, particularly the performances of KerriLyn Jennings (truly a rising star), Rick Cherwin and Paul Johnson and, of course Marc -- Katie McLaughlin shows promise and Justin Holmes has a lot of talent. It was great working with Miriam Ford -- and I should perform more often. I choked a little, but all things considered was pretty good. And Congressmember Joe Crowley stood in and sang as Ralph Nader. Truly fun. And we raised a pretty penny for Lois' campaign. (Yes, you can still donate :-)

But just as I had staved off a cold by hibernating on Saturday, on Monday I came crashing down and yet had to go to work as my associate was on vacation and I am just too loyal. I would like to think "they" appreciate it. Maybe they do. Let's hope so.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne


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