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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Today - The Black or the White Twin?

Little Super Tuesday and I still haven't removed my John Edwards campaign button from this blog -- I so miss his more populist message. Meanwhile, DLC leader Hillary Clinton and "I'm not a member of the DLC -- why did they list me?" Barack Obama spout words of populism even as they accept corporate dollars via lobbyists and/or big spenders. Yeah, I voted for Obama, in the hope that he will rise to the level of his recent message. (After all, I allowed John Edwards growth and reconciliation.) But then I listened to the Black Agenda Report's Glen Ford being interviewed by WILL Radio's Media Matters' host Bob McChesney and I have real concerns. Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum. The Black or the White Twin. Listen to the February 24, 2008 show and see what YOU think. (Let me know below or via yahoo email to kateanne7.)

One thing for sure, either is better than any Republican who would most certainly finish wrecking the Supreme Court -- let alone allow Bush in essence a third term of lies, illegal wars, torture, spying, signing statements, political corruption, and other miscellaneous evil. Which reminds me, yesterday Thom Hartmann gave me the idea for a political button for Button Buddha Ruth Klein to create: National Exorcism Day Nov. 4, 2008. Vote Democratic. That said, we gotta get on Obama for talking nuclear power (too expensive, too unsecure, too unsafe) and there is no such thing as clean coal. Hope. Ah, Johnny -- the corporate media did you in and now all I can say is may the better twin win.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

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