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Friday, February 01, 2008

Paul Rogat Loeb: "Why This Edwards Voter Is Now Backing Obama"

While I continue to mourn the corporatist media's murder of the John Edwards campaign, I gather the opinions of others on where-to from here. I think I could have written the first two paragraph's of Paul Rogat Loeb's article published at -- Why This Edwards Voter Is Now Backing Obama:

I gave John Edwards more money than I’ve given to any candidate in my life, and I’m glad I did. He raised critical issues about America’s economic divides, and got them on the Democratic agenda. He was the first major candidate to stake out strong comprehensive platforms on global warming and health care. He hammered away on the Iraq war, even using scarce campaign resources to run ads during recent key Senate votes. He’d have made a powerful nominee-and president.

I’ve been going through my mourning for a while for his campaign not getting more traction, so his withdrawal announcement didn’t shock me. But sad as I am about his departure, I feel good about being able to switch my support to Barack Obama, and will do all I can to help him win.

Meanwhile, I have yet to speak to an Edwards supporter who is now supporting Billary errr Hillary Clinton.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

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