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Friday, January 11, 2008

New Hampshire & Vote Concerns for Super Tuesday

Yes, I'm still concerned about the vote counting in NH and beyond and Rob Kall at shares my concern. Check out his article Do New Hampshire Vote Count Questioons Harbinger Super Tuesday Vote Theft Disaster?. He lists a number of articles that should be read and considered.

As for a New Hampshire recount, Nancy Tobi warned Mark Crispin Miller against it as we can not be sure of the chain of custody of the ballots and we can not be sure which precincts ("fixed" ones?) would be counted and then perhaps the flawed re-count would be used to "prove" that all is well with corporate ownership of our voting. Bottom line, if voting isn't open and transparent, we can not be sure of our vote. Mark has a lot of discussion at his site.

And, as an Edwards supporter, I love DailyKos' RDemocrat's blog post, Why Edwards Supporters are Sticking to Their Guns Part II.

As for Brutus John Kerry's support of Obama, I used his email announcement to unsubscribe any and all postings from betrayer-in-chief John Kerry. Please do likewise, if you are still on his list. I hope lots unsubscribe him. (And perhaps write a person note as one blogger noted to RDemocrat.)

Much to do today -- a peace prayer vigil against torture at lunchtime at Foley Square (12:30 pm) -- hope the weather doesn't waterboard us: lots of rain in NYC.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

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