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Thursday, January 24, 2008

MLK, 935 and an Anniversary

Long week -- Martin Luther King Jr. continues to touch my heart, even though I holed up on MLK Day instead of finding a memorial service. With a bit of a bug, I did not belong out in the cold amidst people. That said, I have been playing clips of MLK speeches and listening to Civil Rights music on my iPod. MLK, Jr. deserves to be celebrated not by a few words on one day but through our impacting the world with positive contributions for peace and justice in his memory. At the end of his shortened life, Brother Martin was working on issues involving peace and poverty -- against the military-industrial complex which is ruining the United States of America. It transcends race.

A week ago Friday, my paid work place honored me for 20 years of service. Oh my! This peace and justice worker was none-the-less happy to receive matching Eternal Circle sterling silver earrings and necklace from Tiffany's. Crass? No, pretty. It feeds my spirit and gives me more energy to do my p& j work.

This week an online database was announced which documents the falsehoods of the Bush-Cheney regime during the two years following 9-11. They categorized at least 532 occasions on which the regime gave 935 false statements [Read: LIES] leading up to the illegal invasion of Iraq. AAR's Rachel Maddow says this information should/could be used toward Cheney and Bush's impeachment. Check it out at The Center for Public Integrity.

Right now, however, I am working on preventing telecom's from getting immunity from being complicit with the Republican Administration in spying on God knows whom in an illegal power grabbing extension of the FISA law. Hold them accountable. The good news is that Senator Schumer is with Senator Dodd on this, but can the Democrats hold a filibuster? If they let the telecoms off the hook they will likely be letting off the Republican criminals complicit in the spying, too. And on whom, really, have they been spying? Not just terror subjects, but probably me, you and Democratic politicians.

Then last Sunday the West Queens Independent Democratic Club held a good meeting at our president Jimmy Van Bramer's home to celebrate the beginning of our 40th year and discuss issues, including the presidential primaries. Great discussions!! (And good food!)

Much to do for peace, justice and saving our democracy. Join me. At the very least, please sign up for impeachment hearings of Dick Cheney, led by Senator Robert Wexler, at -- now over 210,000 signatures!!

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

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