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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Edwards' Endorsement in the Offing?

Air America Radio's Rachel Maddow and David Bender have just been discussing the rumor of John Edwards endorsing someone, and possibly Hillary Clinton because she is viewed as tougher. It is Valentines Day and I do not wish to face such betrayal. I just went to and left this on the Contact page:
Message for John Edwards:

There is rumor you plan to endorse. As someone who donated a lot (for me) to your presidential campaign, blogged and talked about it, and also collected petition signatures in New York City, I am begging you:

PLEASE do NOT endorse Hillary Clinton -- she has been a corporatist and has not listened to her peace and justice constitutents.

She gets big money from the ARMAMENT industry and the Big Pharma. A Hillary Clinton endorsement would be a SLAP in the FACE of anyone who worked for YOU.

Please do NOT make of your campaign a MOCKERY.

Thank you.


Will it make a difference? If enough of us do similarly, maybe. And perhaps Rachel and David are wrong about the endorsement. Rachel would prefer him not endorsing anyone. I'm with her -- especially if her endorsement is Clinton.
Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

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