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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Back home -- Happy New Year

Back from the wilds of Ohio and Pennsylvania, I am just beginning to tackle my to do list. Catching up on my Hightower Lowdown -- even went to Jim Hightower's great website to catch his new videos. Check 'em out!

On a personal note, I got over to Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas tree. Gorgeous!

Xmas tree and Fire

(More Christmas tree pix at with other holiday pictures to be posted on Flickr.)

I bought my friend and kitty sitter Joan Pagan a Swarvorski crystal ornament which she wore out last night when a bunch of us WQIDC friends went out to see the not-to-be-missed Denzel Washington movie, The Great Debaters.

An unhappy note: Mac Cat continues to be ailing. It is difficult to witness my little long-in-the tooth pussy cat waning.

There are bills to be paid and the holiday letter remains unwritten, with lots of cards still to be sent, post Christmas. (Hey, I'm happy to be in contact with my friends anytime.) When I discovered lots of opera being shown on PBS's Channel 13 WNET, how could I not spend some time watching? I'm enjoying what is left of the holiday and my vacation.

Back to work tomorrow! Happy New Year! And ...

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

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