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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hartmann: Cracking the Code at Demos

Thanks to Gail Harper's prodding that doggie duty should allow a little time for fun, I joined a packed roomful of people at Demos on Fifth Avenue in NYC to hear Thom Hartmann speak about his latest book, Cracking the Code. He was great and inspiring, as always. And I got to see and be seen by Air America Radio's Mark Green who recognized me and gave me a kiss afterwards. (That said, he's still trying to place me, I bet :-)

I spent the last hour searching for what Thom called the best Madison quotation and found PART of it as well as a bunch of other great Madison quotations. The part is:

"No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare."

But check this out from the Crosby Report. Was Madison psychic? One thing for sure, George Dubya Bush would NOT be happy with James Madison. Indeed, he'd send a Homeland Security Team after Jimmy as Dubya probably thinks Dolly Madison is a cupcake and is clueless that James Madison is a dead president.

Kate Anne & Thom Hartmann

Yes, I took pictures but I haven't downloaded them. [Update: see them.] Best, yet, however, my new friend Avery Harris (synchronicity!) was kind enough to volunteer to take a picture of me with Thom and I was astute enough to return the favor. Thom endured it all and his latest visit to NYC not only earned Gail and me a friend but gave me the opportunity to connect with two great young gents behind us, John from Bergen Co., NJ and Ezekial from Newark, NJ: Neat guys with great spirit. (Wish I would have gotten their info, but maybe they'll find me again through this blog.) Yes, there is hope for this country and this world. Now to read my autographed copy of Cracking the Code in full sight in the subway and on buses and spread its message. Watch my (see links) for the pix and...

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

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