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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"Hillary and the Politics of Disappointment"

I can oh-so relate to Paul Rogat Loeb's article at Common Dreams, Read it:

Hillary and the Politics of Disappointment
by Paul Rogat Loeb

When Democrats worry about Hillary Clinton’s electability, they focus on her reenergizing a depressed Republican base while demoralizing core Democratic activists, particularly those outraged about the war, and consequently losing the election. A November 26 Zogby poll, for instance, now shows her trailing the major Republican candidates, while Edwards and Obama defeat them. But there’s a further danger if Hillary’s nominated–that she will win but then split the Democratic Party.

We forget that this happened with her husband Bill, because compared to Bush, he’s looking awfully good. Much of Hillary’s support may be nostalgia for when America’s president seemed to engage reality instead of disdaining it. But remember that over the course of Clinton’s presidency, the Democrats lost 6 Senate seats, 46 Congressional seats, and 9 governorships. This political bleeding began when Monica Lewinsky was still an Oregon college senior. Given Hillary’s protracted support of the Iraq war, her embrace of neoconservative rhetoric on Iran, and her coziness with powerful corporate interests, she could create a similar backlash once in office, dividing and depressing the Democratic base and reversing the party’s newfound momentum. MORE

NOW, if you feel similarly to us you should be sure to send your donations to help out the candidate(s) of your choice. [I’ve donated to Edwards, Kucinich and Dodd.]

The latest Zogby poll is frightening — yes, I know other polls say other things, but Hillary has a lot of baggage and there are people on both the right and the left who abhor her (i.e., my brother Gregory and I). I have suspended my National Organization for Women membership since NOW Pac endorsed her — and I have been a member consistently since 1979. (And even started a NOW chapter in Ohio and restarted another.) That says a lot.

The mainstream corporatist medium would tell us it is all over even before Iowa and New Hampshire. The thought depresses me and then I decide to ACT. I’ve been petitioning for John Edwards and talking to folks and now I am going to make another donation to John Edwards (FYI — I worked for Kucinich last time and got Kerry — eewwwww — John Edwards and his Elizabeth are a great and electible team.)

Peace hugs!!!
Kate Anne

UPDATE: Paul Rogat Loeb is scheduled to be on Thom Hartmann's Thursday show. Should be good!

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