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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Tearing down Misinformation

"May we be free of torture. May there be peace in hearts and minds as our kindness spreads around the world."
-- chant of pro-democracy protesters in Myanmar [Burma] in recent weeks, quoted in Amnesty International contribution request letter [I gave.]

Torture -- a biggy in today's news, if one is listening to something other than infotainment. Need to understand it more? Visit  Want to end it and restore some of the lost integrity of the United States, our reputation in the World Community? Go to -- And a psychologically blind army vet verbally attacked me and called me a fool for wearing my Shut down Guantanamo button yesterday. Obviously I pushed his button but I was calm in stating I have the facts on my side. "They want to kill you." "They killed us on 9-11!!"  Another man in my company's building's elevator also noticed it (yet I have been wearing it for weeks!) but calmly asked, "But they're guilty, aren't they?" Maybe he visited after I suggested it.

Meanwhile Bush is informed only recently that Iran has no nuclear program yet they are still a problem and a danger to world peace? BUSH is a problem and a danger to world peace. So much to do. But it will be done. A new day will dawn, with God's help, and ours.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

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