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Monday, October 01, 2007

Phone Troubles -- and a Parting

I lost my cell phone -- the good news is that it needed to be replaced anyway BUT what agita! And then there is the learning curve of a new phone as if I don't have enough to do. I will manage to learn the basics of my new Sync -- through AT&T and Samsung -- but I suspect the frills will come in dribs and drabs as time allows.

* * *

Leaving the earth plane, but still working for peace and justice, I have no doubt just the same is my friend, John Azzali. Former Senior Warden at All Saints' Sunnyside, John went on to become a priest in a liberal Catholic (non-Roman) tradition while working for peace with the Queens Coalition for Peace and Justice. To say he will be missed is to put it mildly. Still, his energy lives on. I've already started saying prayers through John and requesting his assistance -- "Hey, John, help!"

Fr. John Azzali

I give thanks to God for gracing me with John in my life and little things like a good phone to replace my other. NOW -- Much to do for peace, justice -- and for my own personal life. Yes, I do have one. SMILES!

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

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