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Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day Musings

Labor Day -- where did the summer go? Where did my weekend go? Well, it has been a busy time -- personally some trips to PA and Ohio -- and last week Joan Pagan and I went visited with Dorothy Morehead in the Adirondacks. Dorothy has a lovely camp on Lake Hunter in Northville, NY. (I will hopefully post some pictures at my site soon.) Then Kat was up to visit Krista and me the other week. And work has been busy -- never had a summer lull. I guess that is good. But there is much to do in simplifying my life.

I have NOT read the latest Harry Potter yet, but I just finished Mitch Albon's For One More Day and I am almost finished with Nora Roberts' Garden Trilogy, Red Lily. I have most been reserving then renewing stuff at the New York Public Library. And today I read through the latest Consumer Reports.

And I have been doing some blogging -- some of my Laura Flanders blog friends, still upset about her weekend show being truncated to one hour, have been enjoying blogging a bit at Maggies' Boy's Blue Grit Blog and with the terrific Sederistas at the Sam Seder Show site: YBNurmal, PBTrue, Sunshine Jim, William Schubert, Smnoll, Nightbird, (where's Benno?) and's Keith Tucker. Keith's Labor Day toon is extra special and he said that I could link it. Check it out and his whole site:


I did manage to meet up with peace activists Sam Oast and Marianne Goldscheider down at Union Square this Saturday, after making some calls Friday to my Congress critters Clinton, Schumer and Crowley about George W. Bush now beating the war drums for Iran. OMG -- will someone impeach the son of a Bush and Cheney before they shed more innocent blood? Much to do for peace and justice -- and for fun, too. And oh that housework.... All in good time. God help us get done the work that we have been given to do. And spread sunshine and blessings -- accentuate that positive! Eliminate the negative (Bush and Cheney). And keep on keeping on.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

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