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Saturday, September 15, 2007

How to be a Better Peacemaker

> Pay attention to events on local, national and global levels.

> Educate yourself on issues you are unfamiliar with -- and act!

> Think globally: how does something you do here affect people/places in other parts of the world?

> National ego disarmament: the U.S. is neither the cultural nor the moral superior to other countries.

> Make career choices that foster peace. Help young people with their choices.

> Give emotional and/or financial support to those who give up jobs or careers for reasons of conscience.

> Reach out to neighbors, strangers, people in need. Build community wherever possible.

> Stand on the side of the poor, disabled and victims of society.

> Work to make changes to government policy -- both domestic and foreign.

> Pray or meditate with love for those in power.


With thanks to the Forum of Concerned Religious Leaders -- and to Sam Oast who inspired its reprinting for our work with the Fellowship of Reconciliation. Other suggested websites:,,, and

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

PS (KA must check out how these Mac symbols read on other PCs: ☮, , and ●. It is still not a very Mac friendly web.)

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