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Saturday, September 08, 2007

VERY Important PS, PPS, and PPPS

Lying in bed, what I didn't write in the original open letter to WWRL jumped in my mind. These are now printed on pretty paper, ready to be sent to WWRL's program director Rennie Bishop, copy to Air America Radio president Mark Green.

IMPORTANT LONG PS -- Good heavens!! Writing so late at night, I forgot to thank you about about the great Laura Flanders and her show Radio Nation -- then I realize that because I stream and blog with the other Laura Bloggers I haven't noticed that she's no longer on your schedule!! Now, sadly, her show is only an hour long early Sunday afternoon (NOT long enough -- and, both entertaining and educational, she was my favorite on the now defunct Air Americans Show, along with the wonderful David Bender). Please fit her Radio Nation in your schedule somewhere!

I could and perhaps should have mentioned Rev. Jim Forbes' inspiring show, The Time is Now -- but I haven't gotten any new podcasts and I have heard rumors that it may have been cancelled [update: it has been]. If so, what a loss! Whatever Air America does, I hope it remains on your schedule with new shows. We have to remind people that liberals can be spiritual. (That's one of the reasons I love Thom Hartmann!) The Rev. Jim is so appealing and New York and all of America need to hear his message.

Waking up and reviewing your schedule I am pleased to see you have Marc Sussman's Money Message -- I have to find time to manage what money I have and appreciate learning how to do it in a progressive politically correct way. Please keep him in your lineup. And as a nascent vegetarian, I also appreciate Bob Linden's show, Go Vegan, providing food for thought -- but I don't see it in your lineup. Consider it, please.

Finally, I deliberately omitted mention of left radio goddess Randi Rhodes, and perhaps I should explain. While I am glad she's on WWRL and I know she has a lot of value, she's just not my cup of tea. When she's really on target she's terrific -- and she's great for the novice listeners who probably appreciate her gushing about meeting certain celebrities, but I must admit her nastiness to certain callers (some of them obvious fans who get off on the wrong foot) turns me and my radio off. Hey, I can listen to podcasts of FAIR's CounterSpin or Bob McChesney's Media Matters [great archives for both of these!] -- these are two shorter shows on the very important media issue that are NOT currently in the Air America lineup that probably should be. And there's Matt Rothschild's Progressive Radio Show on a variety of topics. I don't need Randi most days -- personal preference. But her show has a role to play and she belongs on WWRL. Thank you!

IMPORTANT PERSONAL & POLITICAL PPS -- Good grief! I sound like the Left Wing version of my Ditto head brother. I sound like I only listen to talk radio. Nooooooo. I do have a life. But I listen when I can to learn and to act. That's the difference between me and my brother. I want to take what I have learned from blogging and talk radio to change the world positively -- to make it more peaceful, environmentally safer, and economically fair and just.

Interestingly, though, my rightist brother has started to listen to the LEFT wing talk shows on satellite radio and there are two things we actually agree on. We both cannot stand Hillary Clinton (albeit for different reasons) -- and we both would vote for John Edwards if HE gets the nomination. That says a lot doesn't it?

What also says a lot is the latest unannounced call-in presidential poll on Thom Hartmann's show. Everyone holding was dumped from the lines and it was everyone trying at the same time. The results were telling: Edwards: 26, Kucinich: 12, Obama: 4, Clinton: 3, Biden: 2 and one each for Ron Paul, Al Gore, and Higgens the cat. (If my call would have been answered, I would have said John and Elizabeth Edwards -- they are a great and winning team.)

Edwards is a populist and he polls well with lots of Americans of all and no party affiliation. Rolling Stone said John Edwards is the candidate the Right fears. How I wish that WWRL and Air America Radio would get behind him, like me and my rightist brother. Think about it. And again, thank you.

PPPS -- In true activist fashion I'm posting this letter on my blog and telling my blog and listserv friends about WWRL, Air America, good talk radio, and John Edwards for President.


And a personal note to my blog readers: Of course, I don't listen to all the shows I like all of the time. Thanks to podcasting and the NY subway and bus system, I actually listen to quite a bit. It is important to learn to pick and choose. This is easier podcasting. If a show is a dud (and everyone has a dud now and then), go on to another podcast. That said, there are a lot of good podcasts -- just like books and movies -- that I and you will never get to. So be it. I am just glad that there is enough of our democratic republic left to have left wing radio (and let us NOT forget the great Amy Goodman's Democracy Now!).

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

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At 9/16/2007 08:15:00 AM, Blogger Joe said...

My .03 ...

I share your distaste for various program choices on AA along with the Randy Rhodes comment ... I was pleased when that guy subbed for her recently.

First time I caught Seder on Sundays, honestly, it sounded like some of his edge was off. Honestly, it is not a good time for me, so I don't know if this is a steady thing. Looking fwd to his guest hosting of Thom Hartman.

I also share your distaste of HC and fear if she is a candidate it will be a divisive campaign plus a presidency that will not seize the possibilities. This honestly seems tragic and sickening at the same time.

[I saw Elizabeth at a book event recently and glad to see that she is keeping on. I'd love for her to be First Lady, but to be fair, Michele Obama probably would make a fine one too! Let's have a first hubby in 2017!]

On that note, and at time I do find him wrong, I disagree with TH. It DOES matter who the candidate is. Both for the political environment and policy reasons.

Anyway, I am disappointed with AA. I actually liked the original line-up and found it more balanced, esp. since NYC don't get the Young Turks, who sound like a pretty good morning option.

Thank goodness for Rachel ... her interviews with media people is important too, since liberalism goes beyond simple politics. Need more of that culture stuff too.


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