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Monday, September 03, 2007

John Edwards says, "End the [Rigged] Game"

Labor Day, and the American workers are still being screwed by today's political practices. In Hanover, NH, on August 23rd, John Edwards addressed this issue aptly. His prepared remarks are the title link but here is a YouTube clip of part them, transcribed below.

Transcription of the Clip:

Will corporate greed be all that we value as we move forward into this global economy, or will we put workers and families first, so that all jobs pay fair wages, every American has health care and corporate profits work for democracy -- not the other way around?

Will we face our future .... This is unfortunately the game of American politics and in this game, the interests of regular Americans are being left behind. Real change starts by being honest. And I want to say something at the beginning -- the system in Washington is rigged. And I'll say it again, it is rigged, and our government is broken.

It is time for us to end that game and we can end this game together.

And I want to go, I want to go one step further. because it is also
time for my party, the Democratic Party -- the party of the people -- to end it.

The choice for our party could not be any clearer. We cannot replace a group of corporate Republicans with a group of corporate Democrats. Just swapping the Washington insiders of one party for the Washington insiders of another is NOT what we need.

The American people deserve to know that their presidency is not for sale, the Lincoln Bedroom is not for rent, and lobbyist money can no longer influence policy in the House or the Senate.

It is time for us to make a clear statement about who we are as a party. It's time to end this game. It's time to tell big corporations and their lobbyists who have been running things for too long that their time is over. It's time to challenge politicians to put the American people's interests ahead of their own calculated political interests, to look the lobbyists in the eye and just say no.

-- John Edwards, Hanover, NH, August 23, 2007

Thanks to Thom Hartmann for playing part of the speech on his Air America radio show. And if you haven't already, or if you can spare a little more, please donate to the John Edwards for President campaign. Thanks!!

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

PS -- Just found this variation on John's End the Game speech. Check out THIS inspiring video, too:

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