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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Update -- Wedding Pix

Lots to do for peace and justice but sometimes one has to get away for family events, like when my son marries somebody terrific -- a second marriage for them both so they chose an intimate friendly setting. And for the blessing of the wedding vows of my nephew and his beautiful bride. Thus, I was in Ohio and Pennsylvania for a few days but am now back and recording some of my memories on line. My mostly family/Pfamily and ambiance shots of Audient's and Gina's wedding can now be seen at


You can do a slide show of the set AND if you sign in to you can leave any comments on the set or on any specific picture.

I did some working with tags and will adjust other photos eventually but to do it right, it takes time. (For instance, you can view the pix I took at my nephew Christopher and Ellie Pfister's wedding blessing by clicking on this: but as no one on used that term, this also works right now: -- click on a picture tag to follow other linked pictures.)

Audient & Gina and Chris & Ellie

TO DOWNLOAD pictures on, just click on the specific picture and look for the "All Sizes" icon above the picture -- you can download smaller or more printable large photos, as you like.

Enjoy -- and let me know what you think -- either on the set or picture(s) -- or by leaving a comment here. (Yes there were others there -- sorry Audient and Gina I didn't take more of the various groups, but I was enjoying your DAY and EVERYONE!!!)

Peace hugs,
Mom Kat a/k/a Kate Anne


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