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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Forget the X-Men movie, this one has bigger ramifications: An Inconvenient Truth, which I saw Sunday. It was NOT depressing, though it WAS scary. It was hopeful. The movie stressed education and ACTION to stop global warming. And hearing Al Gore, I could only think how George W. Bush could never be so articulate and how the silver lining of Al Gore "losing" (thanks to the not-so-Supreme Court) is that it gave Al Gore the time to devote to this imperative issue. Please click on the title link and learn more about the movie and what YOU can do, along with "Reduce, Re-use, Recycle".

I notice that the website mentions the Virtual Global March to Stop Global Warming -- please see Sunday's post and Title Link and march with me. My friends aren't into global marching -- YET. I am determined to do a lot more on this issue. TODAY I am calling Congress and the White House Comment line. 202-224-3121 (tollfree - 888-355-3588) and 202-456-1111, respectively. Scientists agree with Al Gore's assessment: Global Warming is upon us -- and is a matter of National Security and INTERnational Security. See the movie. Pledge to see the movie at the website above, repeated here:

Thank you for whatever you can do for peace, justice, nonviolence AND the environment -- yes, it is all connected. And we can make a positive difference, you and I marching and acting together, in harmony, for a better world. AMEN!! :-)

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne


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