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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Jonathan Tasini for New York

Just finally put my credit card where my mouth is and donated to Jon Tasini's campaign for US Senate. Please visit his site linked above to learn more about him. I am tired of just being anti-Hillary who still is for the illegal Iraq invasion, for NAFTA, for corporations, who refuses to join Russ Feingold in censuring Bush, who is out for HERSELF and not for you and me.


I was in the Sunday mourning march with the War Resisters and others. Saw Marcy Gordon and Bryan, there with their US flag with its corporate logo stars. Saw John David Baldwin and Code Pink friend Colleen Primrose, walked with NYFOR's Sam Oast and Californian Noah Bray-Ali, was treated to a poem by James Mansfield and shared some thoughts with Jerry Moss. It was a quiet march, consisting of perhaps three hundred people -- it was supposed to be meaningful and visual: we carried pictures of the wounded, the dead, the mourners. But I heard some tacky "journalist" say, before the war there were thousands, now there are hundreds. Hey, lady, this wasn't a major march!! Ah how the rightist corporate media likes to skew things.

Tuesday my friend Gail Harper and I were a bit sad but really happy to find we couldn't get last minute tickets to the Bring 'em Home Now concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom.

So I'm for Jon and for peace and for real journalism, and happy to liberally bestow

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne


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