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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Clip Cheney's Wings

Besides the questionable time (around 5? - probably too dark) and the drinking thing (with Cheney mixing himself a cover-up cocktail immediately after the shoot), what is really annoying is what is being suggested about the quails themselves, being farm quail with wings clipped. Ah such sportsmanship! The man is a killer! (You can google and see an article on Cheney's Canned Kill on the's website about a 2003 pheasant shoot with pen-raised Pennsylvania pheasants being slaughtered -- Cheney killing 70 of 'em in one day!) Cheney should get HIS wing's clipped.

That said, thanks to's juicecast, there is the original Quail Hunter's Rhapsody to enjoy at

Ah Cheney, who shoots pheasants, quail, Texans, and CIA careers -- don't forget Valerie Plame and the Cheney/Rove conspiracy! And will he get away with some/all of it? Keep speaking out.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne


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