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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

UNpatriotic PATRIOT Act passes, where are the Dems?

I'm so angry -- after the Senate copout, the miss-named unpatriotic PATRIOT Act was passed in the House, "opposed by only 13 Republicans, 124 Democrats and one independent [gotta be Bernie!]". Don't know who they are yet, but kudos to them and a Bronx cheer to those who voted FOR it, including Clinton and Schumer in the Senate -- even Kennedy. [Feingold for President? Maybe I ought to google that....] My son Audient expresses feeling similar to mine. Read his blog, linked above in the title. And now I have to pay attention to the lousy H.Res. 4167, the Uniformity in Food Labeling bill which Joe Crowley has co-sponsored -- ARGH!!!! Good God, these woosy Dems!! Don't care about democracy, don't care about the common folk. Take away our civil liberties and poison us. WTF??!!

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne


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