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Monday, February 20, 2006

Political Corruption - Republican mostly

AAR's Rachel Maddow got me on a roll today, checking out former GOP Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham and others (mostly all Republican -- surprise, surprise!). You might be interested in surveying some of the blatant and rampant political corruption that gets little play in the rightist corporate media. (And no, the Democrats did NOT get money from Jack Abramoff.>

See Grand Old Docket --

Also, as Rachel noted, at > Josh Michah Marshall details Duke Cunningham at length and he links to a 35 page sentencing memo. He gives some highlights but Rachel also mentioned that Duke had printed on Congressional letterhead potential bribes and the stuff you could get for it.

Cunningham pled guilty and is awaiting sentencing. They are asking ten years for tens of millions of dollars of bribes. Meanwhile, thanks to Rockefeller drug laws, there are people serving in New York State prisons fifteen and twenty year sentences for possessing a few ounces of weed. Hmmmmm. White collar crime pays more and demands less in sentencing if you are caught. And if you can hide your criminal activities under secret wraps, the gray laws will protect you. If the administration can't release secret documents you have requested for your prosecution, you can, like Oliver North, get off Scot-free. Ah, justice.

If you want to catch Rachel Maddow's show, it will be posted soon (by 11 AM) and you can stream it for free until the next show is posted at

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