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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hurrah, Marc Maron's back -- MOST week nights

An open letter to Air America Radio's Danny G. about the return of Morning Sedition's very funny Marc Maron (link to site above), written and sent in the middle of the night, early this morning:

Dear Danny,

What, no Marc, when I can finally hear him live? I guess there is another game tonight out in LaLa Land.

Subscribed to the podcast, and Maron was a big plus in the decision to join at top dollar for WHATEVER I want -- full subscription. But oh, catching up on Marc and his funny has been a real joy. Tonight I was looking forward to meeting the cookbook folks and the sleepless trucker and sharing in on the blog humor. God knows I have been enjoying, albeit belatedly, his talks with his friends, and his wife, and their trying out jokes. Sooooo neat. But no Mark, thanks to a Clippers game, I guess. So instead I write YOU.

I miss Marc in the morning. Rachel has grown into her extra hour, but the birth was painful. She and Kent are terrific together (and it is great to hear Lawton Smalls again, too, on Marc's new show: keep Kent busy!!) I listen to Riley sometimes, he's fine, but MARC -- I'm just glad we can enjoy Marc's humor via podcast. Just want you to know that Marc is important to us peace and justice activists and other folks. He keeps us SANE as we laugh and create endorphins, a natural narcotic, to sooth us.

-- Love Hartmann for his knowledge and spirituality and Maron for his knowledge (yes!!!) and humor and Maddow for her knowledge and creativity. Laura Flanders, Ring of Fire (Bobby and Mike!) and now also Rev. G. Welton Geddy (from the Interfaith Alliance) are also important to me [See's March 11th post for more on Welton.]. Thank God for podcasting and subway and walking time

Now I must bid you adieu because in New York City there is MUCH to do for peace, justice and the TRUE American away: with ideals that lead one to HELP people, not hurt them. Thanks for what YOU do for peace, justice, and liberal renewal.

Much success and happiness to Marc on his new show (thank God, and YOU, that he is available to cheer us up and refresh our spirits in these dark and dire times) and to Air America Radio, almost two years old -- I have been listening and hyping it from Day One. Now hie me to bed!

(It is awfully late and I am a MORNING person -- hope this makes sense -- but it is ALMOST morning :-)

[Marc Maron's show can be streamed at 1 AM EST -- 10 PM LaLaLand time -- when it isn't pre-empted for sport shows. Can't stay up late? Save your pennies and become an Air America Radio Premium member and let Danny Goldberg, CEO of AAR, know you love Marc by writing]

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne


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