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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hugs to Teddy, Hi to Bobby: a Kennedy reflection

My heart and healing hugs go out to Teddy Kennedy at this challenging time. In truth, though, he has had my heart since my baby boomer childhood. I look back at it all and ponder. The Kennedy family was charmed, even as they were punched time and time again, yet came back for more: to serve, to be challenged, to survive (or not), and to serve again -- or send another family member to continue the tradition. Yes, they weren't perfect. Not all their choices were good ones, but they tried and they did a lot of things positive. And they impacted and inspired several generations. When my first boy friend Ray Hauser helped me win three teddy bears, I called them The Kennerts -- and named them Tedward, Bobbert, and Jackit. But I/we knew who they were named after.

Bobby Kennedy Jr.

I recently took the opportunity (perhaps a little gracelessly) to say hi to Teddy's nephew Bobby Kennedy Jr., at the 19th annual Riverkeeper Shad Fest held at Boscobel [see my earlier post and Flickr pictures]. I had seen and heard him once in person at an event in Astoria but hadn't gotten very close. And it was before Ring of Fire. But at the Shad Fest Bobby was walking amidst the guests and I just had to say a brief, "Hi, Bobby -- I just love Ring of Fire." Then I realized I had interrupted him talking to some others and felt a little awkward, but Bobby generously offered me his hand and gave me a big warm smile before turning back to his party. And all was great. He hadn't held my little faux paux against me. Now that is charm and class.

So now the family gathers around Teddy. Lets keep them in our prayers. Send healing to Teddy. And in his environmental and on-line effort, go, Bobby, go!!

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

What a hat! No wonder Bobby smiled! (Yes, that's Kevin Bacon.)

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