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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

4000 U.S. Dead -- Search FOR Peace

More demos -- Monday evening, I joined with the Grandmothers at Rockefeller Plaza to mourn the 4000 U.S. dead as well as all the Iraqi dead (and 5 million Iraqi children made orphans). I stood by Lillian who ended up holding my sign, the front page of The NY Daily News [with the Spitzer stuff cut off] when I went for my candle. Fine. I didn't need to hold both. And next to her was Arlene to whom I gave my extra large plastic cup to shield her candle from the wind. I didn't get the name of the woman on my right but her positive energy warmed me, too. I only got a demo photo as I was leaving -- but others noted we were there. And that is fine and the photo I got was poignant. This little one didn't get to be an orphan for long, if at all.

Tuesday night then I made it down late (after sending out a report) to Union Square for the UFPJ demo. My friend the Button Buddha a/k/a Ruth Klein reported that there were a couple of hundred people there. I got there just as they were winding down but stayed to speak to a few folks, one a 70 year old woman, another a 43 year old woman and all three of us saying, it isn't the country we knew as we were growing up. God forgive us, but America has lost our balance. America is Number One in war, in prisons, and in per capita energy usage. While we were standing there, Kathy Lawrence arrived even later than I -- she had been teaching. We connected and we reassured her that people had been there and some press had been there. Of course, it should have been more people and more press, but this is corporate America and it is hard to get our message out quickly as this demo demanded. But of course, demos are only one part of peace work. I spoke to one person on Saturday that peace isn't just for demos it is an everyday thing. We must become the peace we seek and go about our personal lives peacefully -- it has to be part of our every day routine, not just something for occasional demonstrations. Be kind and loving every day to those whose lives we touch, contributing therefore to peace.

I wear peace on my sleeve, or perhaps more graphically on my chest, thanks to Ruth's buttons. We decided to leave together and catch up. She had some great stories to tell about reuniting with some old Girl Scout buddies. (They are planning a summer reunion in the Bear Mountain New York area where their old Girl Scout camp had been. Some thirty women hope to attend!!) We ended up at Tasty Thai in Sunnyside and shared more stories and positive energy, contributing to peace, too, no doubt. She drove me home and I gifted her with some Girl Scout cookies. Ruth in turn gave me a belated birthday gift of some great buttons. I didn't tell her this, but just the other day I was wondering if I could find an old Girl Scout badge sash somewhere to make button-wearing easier for demo days. Still, I will have to take turns wearing them and some of her other truly awesome buttons. To get these or arrange to buy other terrific ones, write Ruth as buttonbuddha (at) [Double click it to enlarge the picture.]

Ruth's Gift

In the meantime, please contact the White House comment line (202-456-1111) and your Congressmembers (202-224-3121) to demand "No war on Iran!". I called today (politely) after hearing Thom Hartmann speaking that it had been reported in Germany and in Saudia Arabia that the Saudis were preparing for protecting people from nuclear radiation, this immediately after Dick Cheney left there. Darth Cheney is up to no good. No wonder that my two demo friends this evening voiced what I was feeling about our country. We want our country back! (I am sure they noted that Kathy Lawrence had aptly been wearing a Bush is a War Criminal pin -- she told me that someone had called HER a traitor for wearing it. This, when BUSH is the war criminal AND traitor!)

It was a day of work, a day of activism, a day of fellowship, a day of balance. I seek to be the change I wish to see in the world. I seek balance and love and justice for one and all. With God's help (or whatever YOU want to call God), I will succeed. Join me in doing what you can. Please call, act, be -- let's live peacefully and give peace to each other. We can and must create a better world.

Thank you for whatever you do for peace and justice. (And I will be posting more pix soon at my page.)

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

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At 8/12/2009 02:34:00 PM, Blogger Indeterminacy said...

Just back to Germany from my stateside vacation - I got into a nice conversation with the Button Buddha, and it was very heartening to see someone spreading the right messages with such passion. These messages should not be on buttons - they should be in bold headlines on the top of every newspaper.

I met her right by the Imagine mural.


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