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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Five Years Too Many

Sarah and Sam

New York City saw a number of events this past week around the five years of Iraq occupation and NON-peace. It is not really a war -- Saddam Hussein is long gone, just U.S. occupation and empire and the resulting insurgency at the cost of about 4000 official (coming up) U.S. lives and at least a hundred thousand Iraqis (more, no doubt). Wednesday found me working at my paid job and then faced with a deluge when I could leave, so I saved my overt activism for Saturday's River to River - Hands Across 14th Street event, sponsored by United for Peace and Justice. The weather cooperated, indeed we were blessed. Amidst the crowd I found a number of my NYFOR friends. Howard Pflanzer joined the theatre contingent but Sam Oast stood with me and a number of great folks by University Place, including Sarah Growell from Peace Action New York's Staten Island group. Especially considering it was Easter Saturday, it was a good turnout. (Of course the pillow fight in Union Square afterwards -- a much better way to fight, rather than with bullets -- also had a good turnout.) The message of the day was bring 'em home from Iraq and keep them out of Iran -- spend money for life-giving projects, NOT life-taking war and occupation.

Rallying: US OUT!

The short concluding rally featured singer Holly Near -- still amazing after all these years. The playing of Taps was especially poignant as we approach 4000 confirmed U.S. deaths. I will be posting some pictures from the day on Flickr as time to upload is found. In the meantime, here are a several.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

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