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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Peaceful Move and Peace to Air America Radio

Peace and justice activists have to make money and my job in corporate America is hectic right now due to a move to a different building. I didn't leave until 1 AM!!! I'm off to work now to do MORE toward Friday's move BUT I wanted to post what I just posted on Air America Radio's website, following the Randi Rhodes mess. (Anyone who reads my blog knows I feel similarly about Hillary Clinton but I try to be positive and upbeat -- it is a challenge.) Anyway, Richard Belzer is guest hosting in Randi's time slot this week, and I wrote this:

Like Richard B esp. with Laura and Kent -- but MISS SAM!

I love AAR and the lineup EXCEPT Lionel (sorry!!) and the fact I don't get enough Laura and Sam and I miss Kent Jones. That is ONE reason Richard Belzer got extra points. He's not Sam but good none-the-less.

Randi may be the Goddess of Radio, but I can live without her. Sometimes she gets rude with fans -- very cutting -- and she's dissed Mark Green too who really IS good with Seven Days in America. (I've been listening to him from his stint with David Bender, another good host!)

Love Thom. Love Rachel. Enjoy Richard Greene and Jon Elliott when I can. Find Marc Sussman's Money Message VERY helpful. Love State of Believe with Rev. C. Welton Gaddy (sp!) Mike Papantonio and Bobby Kennedy Jr. are great too.

MY BEEF IS that there is NOT enough Sam Seder and NOT enough Laura Flanders -- and I want Kent Jones back and some Marc Maron. (Miss Lizz Winstead too, but I can catch her in NYC. Oh, yeah, miss Rev. Jim Forbes: what a sweety.)

I have listened from DAY ONE and I am a THIRD YEAR PREMIUM MEMBER. I like most of your line-up and LOVE some of it.


BUT please MORE SAM, MORE LAURA, and bring back KENT JONES. (He was great with Rachel.)

In the meantime, I will enjoy Richard Belzer and cheer you on! My love to Mark Green from Sunnyside, Queens.

Peace Hugs,

Kate Anne


"The God of Peace is never glorified
by human violence." -- Thomas Merton

PS FYI -- I podcast -- I cannot hear it all but I trust I hear what I should. Wish AAR could get Bob McChesney's Media Matters -- I didn't say that and should have. Another time, perhaps.

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