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Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Krista and Mom Kat
Krista and Mom Kat

I just had a grand evening with my adopted daughter Krista Zarakis, my daughter Kat's best friend. After Krista gave me this beautiful bouquet of flowers and took me to Blossom, this great vegan restaurant at 187 Ninth Avenue, New York City, we stopped at my work place to pick up some flowers from MDB. Franklin took a picture of us which I posted to Quick TAKES and Tasty Tidbits and sent to my kids in Cleveland. Kat and her brother Michael Dylan then sent me THEIR photo, which I also posted to Quick TAKES. I will be posting some more to my site, along with some others from the recent St. Patrick's parade. Check it out soon.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

P.S. Waiting on our table at Blossom was the terrific and attentative Kinga, who was moonlighting from her personal trainer day job. I've posted a picture of her and Krista as well other birthday photos.

Happy Birthday, Kate Anne!
Krista took this of ME

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