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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Thanks, WWRL! Another Open Letter

Mr. Rennie Bishop
Program Director
WWRL 1600 Radio
333 Seventh Avenue
New York NY 10001

Dear Mr. Bishop,

This follows up, with thanks, my letter written two months ago. I applaud you for adding Richard Greene's CLOUT to your evening lineup and dropping Sammy and Army in the morning to bring us back the terrific Mark Riley. He and Richard Bey are great together -- Richard actually works much better in the morning. Okay, so the show is not part of the official Air America lineup -- I have to tell you, I like it! And while you still have too many infomercials, Alan Colmes' tiny show, and not enough Sam Seder, I choose to accentuate the positive and say, Thank You for Clout and Bey-Mark!

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

cc: Mr. Mark Green
Air America Radio
641 Sixth Avenue – 4th Floor
New York NY 10011

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