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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Kerry Comments vs Bush's: Media Outrage Overboard and Unfair

We have to be in touch with the media to tell them that Bush is too stupid to know when he is being called stupid. That is what all this John Kerry misspeak debacle is about. Of course, they know what he meant, but by God they will pretend otherwise and ignore apologies aimed to deflect their deliberate misinterpretation.

On this subject, I was appalled listening to CW11's News at 10 pm and this morning googled and emailed them this note, which I may snail mail them to emphasize my point: CW11/WPIX-TV 220 E. 42nd Street New York, NY 10017 Attn: General Manager/News re News at Ten - re their giving way too much time to Lolita Lopez comments and those of the others re-- Kerry's misstatement while they ignore Bush's errors and his illegal war:

John Kerry misspeaks and CW11 news wrings it for all the Republican propaganda possibilities that it can have -- I am shocked! You ignore George Bush's constant lies -- don't call him on any of them -- including a war which was based on lies -- but will call the Democrat on something that clearly wasn't said -- and you know it. Bush is too stupid to know that he was called stupid? Well, no, Rovian tactics would have him PRETEND it is so. And you go along with the game plan. I am very upset with CW11 News at Ten and its ilk. Stop playing partisan politics and report the news. Thank you.

Keep FAIR's media contact list [title link] handy -- and contact the media when they play these shenanighans. I'm going to put all the phone numbers on my cell phone and CALL. Enough of this right wing media bias. Let's call them on it again and again. How dare they try to confuse voters! The REAL president's muffed comments are supposed to matter to you over the miss-deeds of the one we allowed to steal the election. Puh-lease! Nope. Enough is enough. No justice. No peace. And no fair elections, if these right wing hacks have their say and way.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne


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