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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Election Fix is in: Voter Purge

Now we know why neither George Bush nor Karl Rove is concerned about the upcoming election. KStreetProjector at The Daily Kos reports that four states have purged, or are currently undergoing purges of, registered voters. If you can't win honestly, then manipulate the rules. Click on the Title Link to go to the story, which has over 600 comments on it as I write this.

Ohio is definitely one of the states. I have informed my Ohio family and friends to vote early -- and I will remind them to spread the news. Let's all do similarly -- spread the news and ask the media to follow this story seriously.

We still have the web to encouage this sort of activism -- but for how long? Watch Bill Moyers show on Preserving Internet Neutrality tonight or this weekend.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne


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