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Monday, October 02, 2006

Palast at Vox Pop

Randy Nerve, Greg Palast, and Bruce Markow

Greg Palast arrived at Vox Pop Saturday night, to the appreciation of book and music fans gathered there to hear him and the rest of the evening's terrific entertainers: singer Randy Nerve, singer Bruce Markow, and talented punksters The Violets! Such energy was worth the wild ride on the F and G train (love weekend NYC MTA changes) to Cortelyou Road in Brooklyn. [I had a slighly more reasonable homebound ride, thanks to Bruce and friend accompanying me to the more friendly Q.]

Author of Armed Madhouse, Greg Palast took the Bush administration to task in his forthright and delightfully outrageous way. (He's not thrilled about Hillary Clinton either -- but see the interview for more on that.) He actually came more alive and more real once he left the stage to autograph books and meet his fans. So now I have another book on my to-read list (ARGH!! :-) And some more good music to listen to and good musicians to follow. I love the synchronicity of my adopted daughter Krista Zarakis (a/k/a Krista-kat, best friend of my daughter Little Kat -- I'm Mom Kat) sending me the link to The Violets' video earlier in the day -- I was going to Vox Pop to hear Palast and got treated to just a marvelous evening all around: to a re-energizing time, much needed by THIS peace and justice activist.

I've posted some pictures at my site (link on right) to my Vox Pop set and still have a few more to post there -- later, soon.... But so much to do for peace and justice. Please do what YOU can do to help make the world a more peaceful, more fair place. Thanks -- and

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

Greg Palast and Kate Anne


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