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Sunday, October 22, 2006

It's Our Money, Indeed

We the People have to insist on our rights, including how we want our tax dollars spent. I jumped over to William A. Peary's site, off of a Thom Hartmann message board, to find this idea expressed in an excellent article, "It's Our Money" [click on Title Link], written back in February but still current. If this isn't going to be a fascist country, of by and for corporations, then We the People have to stand up and take back our rights. I mean, otherwise, why do we have a government? To go to war and waste money on killing people? Hey, that is not how I want my taxes used. As Peary intimated, we have to use for better purpose the phrase, "It's our money!" and insist that the government spend money on helping people (healing) rather than hurting people (which only sows seeds to more enmity). William Peary has some other good essays and information, too. Check out the his site at

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