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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Good news, and a little bad news

Some of the gang with Fred

We must stress the good news: the Democrats have gained control of the House, with New York's Michael Arcuri, John Hall, and Kirsten Gillibrand being part of that victory. [I'll have to check later about some of my favorites from the other states -- but I know that both Bernie Sanders and Sherrod Brown have won for Senate in Vermont and Ohio.]

The bad news is that it looks like Pennsylvania Republican incumbent Jim Gerlach has retained his seat: 118,807 votes - 51 percent - to 115,806 for Lois Murphy. Who knows what damage those lousy robocalls made. In a close election, it would appear just enough. [I had a great talk on GOTV with upstate NY teacher Nancy Zook-Schmitz who stressed the importance of working for every vote. She went door-to-door for her own race 20 years ago and lost by ONE vote. "That little light at the end of road" -- the possible vote there could make all the difference.]

I was at the Citizen Action office with the Tuesday Get Out the Vote (for Michael Arcuri) team headed by Fred Wright. We were busy and I wasn't about to get everyone's name but I did get to talk with Bobbie Gold and Nora, both of whom I sat near during the course of the day. In the evening some of us (including Jerry Palmer) went over to SEIU at 520 Eighth Avenue, then toward evening's end a number of us went to the musician's local and called for John Hall. Quite a day -- and we know our work counted toward the victory.

As House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi soon to be Majority Leader said, we've made history -- now let's make progress. Here's to some cleaning up of Washington, at least some oversight control and accountability. Let's accentuate the positive and do some serious eliminating of the neocon negative. And let's play fair. It is a beginning to the return of the middle class and peace, please. And let's see Nancy accomplish her Six in '06 -- see yesterday's PPS.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne


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