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Friday, February 10, 2006

Contact Shoot-from-the-hip Mayor Bloomberg

Click on the above link to leave your thoughts for NYC's Mayor Bloomberg. Spotting an employee playing a video solitaire game, he fired him. For the full story, check out the NY Times article. But, this is what I wrote the mayor:

I am outraged at your heartless treatment of a worker callously fired because he had taken a break and was playing a video solitaire game on his work computer -- summarily, without consideration of his overall work record. If one plays games repeatedly instead of working, that is one thing, but such games can be a way to unwind and refresh so one can return to work and work better and more effectively. Some people go get a glass of water, chat with a colleague, call a spouse, say a prayer. Are you going to fire them too? I strongly urge you to revisit your decision in light of the employee's overall record and work habits.

I wonder if he would have fired someone checking his stocks on a work computer? Hey, breaks are necessary part of work life and the mayor is guilty of extreme over reaction. Will he reconsider and rehire Edward Greenwood IX? If not, I would say so much for Mayor Bloomberg being more like a Democrat -- I say this action puts him in good standing with the unfeeling Repugs.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne


At 2/14/2006 06:02:00 PM, Blogger Audient said...

re: checking of the stock quotes. If there is a zero tolerance policy on using the computers for anything but the government's work function, then checking the stock quotes is presumably no different than the solitaire.

When I was at DOJ, there was a paralegal who played a LOT of solitaire throughout the day. Later when solitaire was ordered removed from all the PCs, I thought of her and chuckled -- because her conduct was exactly the reason why the rule went in.


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