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Friday, December 19, 2008

My Vision (#2) left at

A world of peace and acceptance, namaste, recognizing the God (by whatever name) in each of us. Work on nuclear disarmament and green energy please and economic justice (I have written before), but I appreciate the insight in choosing both Rev. Rick WARREN and Rev. Joseph LOWERY: the yin and yang -- or bookends, as our new president referred. You are getting a lot of flak on this but I appreciate the extension of the hand, in peace, recognizing our common humanity. I am pro-choice and my gay brother has been one of my soul mates -- but I understand. Widen the circle. Accentuate our similarities. Love.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne


PS Yes, I did sign peace hugs. And please, go to with YOUR visions and YOUR stories. Thanks!!

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