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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Peace -- Million Doors, a Festival, and Rest-In

This weekend I got to meet and re-meet some of my neighbors as I knocked on doors for the multi-group sponsored non-partisan Million Doors for Peace campaign. While anyone can sign the petition (do so at the website), it is aimed at getting more people a little more invested in the waging of peace. The petition scheduled to be given to senators and representatives on Thursday is a request for a date-certain to leave Iraq within a year. We're wasting 3 trillion dollars for an unnecessary war (While thanks to Fox, about half of America still believes Iraq had something to to with 9-11, it didn't, so why are we there?), killed or maimed 35,000 American troops and well over a hundred thousand, perhaps two hundred thousand, Iraqis have died as a result of the war and occupation. And we've lost our standing in the world, thanks to this illegal war and occupation. Oh, peace, please, now, or soon....

Meanwhile, Johnny Sonneborn and I joined Sarah Schindler and her husband in trekking to Shadowcliff in Nyack for national Fellowship of Reconciliation's Fourth Annual Peace Festival last weekend. There were booths, music, food, and awards -- but my favorite was Peace Troubadour Celia St. King whose new CD Your Word Is Magic I just had to purchase and whose shirt I wore while taking part in the Million Doors for Peace campaign: Inspiring songs and great peace logo -- modified musically. (Pictures will be posted on soon!)

As for Peace, Rest-In....we've got Wall Street doing strange stuff. It is pretty dire, or not-so-pretty dire. As for corporate bailouts -- they must not be allowed to come without strings. Please read Senator Bernie Sanders' press release and David Sirota's article in In These Times. 

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