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Friday, June 22, 2007

John Edwards in NYC

John Edwards filled up Strata at 21st and Broadway with spirit, vision, and a crowd of people. We arrived early, Joan Pagan and I -- joining the queue behind Chazz Aden and his father John Aden from New Jersey. They were gracious enough to endure my chatty exuberance as we anxiously waited for doors to open.

John Aden and Chazz Aden

Then actor and DFNYC activist Dan Jacoby joined us followed soon by ShutterbugBabs a/k/a Barbara Primrosch, camera in hand. Barbara and I both were determined to document the evening. But first there was the long wait for the candidate to arrive. I grabbed a drink, Joan grabbed a sign. Her first floor Sunnyside apartment is on a busy corner. (Imagine being stuck at a light and noticing the sign in the window across the street: John Edwards 08, Neat, yes!) Joan DeCamp managed to find us even though we lost Dan in the crowd.

JoanD, Babs, JoanP

It was great: End the Iraq fiasco, close Gitmo, no [unsafe!] nuclear power plants, establish alternative energy, end global warming, build up once more the waning middle class, establish healthcare, make college affordable: powerful stuff. John just whipped up the crowd who applauded and roared as he defined his vision, a new reality closer to the heart rather than one feeding corporate greed. I'll be posting more pix and comments later at my site but check out his web site for more on his great programs to restore America -- and donate a few dollars while you're there -- small donations add up. Wow -- I'm exhausted but I am so glad I went. Now to bed to get my beauty sleep. There is a lot of work to do for John Edwards and an America of We the People.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne
JoanD, Kate Anne, JoanP

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